Do You Dare To Be Slayed By Love?

If you had asked me a year ago ‘How miraculous do you think your life can be?’ I would have given you a pretty convincing answer of ‘Amazing baby!’, ‘the biggest ever’, or perhaps on a really good day ‘it can be the second coming!’.

Did I actually believe that at the time? Of course I did, although the strange thing is that we are never really aware of our blind spots until we encounter one of those blessed life lessons that points them out to us loud and clear.

Coming up to Christmas last year, I was flying high! Things had never been better work-wise, my relationship was so good (I pinched myself on a daily basis just to make sure it was real!) I loved my family and they loved me and I was travelling to amazing places in the world. Everything was pretty peachy….

Then out of the blue I ran head long into an amazing gift. Catherina Ogorman, the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of a global company called ‘Think Love’, emailed me and told me that she knew she had to connect. She didn’t know why, or what we were supposed to do together but she had seen me purchase two Think Love wristbands for Christmas and felt an immediate connection. Now, being one of these intuitive, heart-connected, spontaneous people myself this wasn’t all that surprising. What did amaze me was the complete conflict I felt within myself when I communicated with her. One part of me knew this relationship was destined, fated and was going to change my life forever. Another part of me was fighting to keep the current status quo in my life with all its might. Because of this, it took me a full month before I was able to finally arrange a Skype call with Catherina and when I did……….

WOW! Catherina and I talked for three hours on that first call. She read me like a book and told me I was calling on every level for the next stage of my evolution. She shared the Think Love vision with me and clearly told me that I was on this earth to be a part of it. She told me I was here to be slayed utterly by unconditional love.

Now the funny thing about unconditional love is that it is an easy thing to say and not such an easy thing to embody. I had been uttering a mantra for years about wanting to live in unconditional love with myself, those around me and my life and yet it had pretty much remained just words, not really understood or heart felt.

I realized through my subsequent (and sometimes very uncomfortable) conversations with Catherina that I had actually developed big time resistance to love! I had so much STUFF in the way of allowing myself to experience unconditional love of myself and other people. Wow – and here I was thinking everything in my life was perfect. In one way it was perfect, because it had led me to my next biggy. My next leap in self-awareness and evolution. My next leap out of my comfort zone.

It feels right to share with you some of my insights and profound moments throughout my ‘Quest for Greatness’ with Catherina and Think Love so far as the quest will continue forever…

➢ Everything is love (the good, the bad and the ugly). It is all love because it is all a route towards finding out who we really are, our truth in life
➢ We are all love at our core – this is who we are born to be. Love of ourselves, love of each other and love of this beautiful life we are blessed with. We just seriously forget along the way
➢ When we give ourselves permission to FEEL, we HEAL. Our emotions are not ‘bad’ or ‘good’. They just ‘are’. They are messages from our soul that we have new choices to make
➢ When we love unconditionally magic happens, we become limitless beings and we manifest like lightening speed
➢ When we have the courage each and every moment to speak our truth and live our truth (not conforming to something that others expect) we naturally call this level of personal power and beauty out from those around us. We become limitless, gorgeous and irresistible to everyone and everything.
➢ We make the thought of self-forgiveness, self-awareness and inner work look and feel harder than it actually is. When we are willing to face up to who we are, claim our light and our dark and love ourselves in everyway, life becomes easy, graceful and full of joy.

So there it is. I have submitted completely to love – allowed myself to be slayed by it. I forgave everyone in my life including myself (for every teeny, tiny thing) and realized my entire life has been one big journey of love, towards love and embodying love. Every lesson and challenge had allowed me to discover who I was, so I knew who I was not. Every person had brought me a gift of self-awareness.

Another funny thing is, that a lot of people spend their whole lives running away from themselves and their past – from their painful memories or experiences. In truth, that’s the hard bit. Standing up and recognizing that the being that you are isn’t scary at all, is liberating, it’s the journey of life. Living in deep self love makes you want to yell from the mountain tops the joy of everything that is you and at the same time sit in quiet bliss and appreciate the smallest grain of earth, each leaf on each tree, the heartbeat of the earth.

I am blessed for the lessons and the love that Catherina and Think Love has brought me and you are now reading the words of their fully realized, loved up, ready to ‘go and get ‘em’ Global Ambassador baby.

When you Think Love, you become One with the vibration of Love. Love of ourselves, love of those around us and love of our lives and the planet on which we live.
Through true self-love and acceptance, we are able to deepen our love of others and create lives of true purpose and meaning. When we make our decisions and choices based on true love of self, we start to embody the greatest truth. We are all One.

Wanna come and join the party? Check us out at
Come and join us and be slayed by love!


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