Being Young, Playing Big

By Youth Brilliance Conference organisers Genevieve Boast & Jackie Thoms

Young people today are the future leaders of an unprecedented and unpredictable world in which nothing will be as it has been before. They’re globally connected and aware, like no generations before them, through the Internet, world-wide gaming, social exchange programmes and our evolving collective consciousness. Technology, science, human abilities … everything is changing so fast that it’s going to take a new kind of learning, a new kind of thinking and a new kind of creating to bring our youth into the future of their own magnificent creation. The Youth Brilliance Conference, being hosted in London on October 1st, has the vision of unleashing the brilliance in our youth today so that they come alive to generate a brilliant new future for us all.


Genevieve Boast, founder of Emergency Happiness

Our beliefs create our world. Whether these are our own personal beliefs or the shared social and cultural beliefs we hold, they filter our view of the world and our experience of reality. Running a social enterprise that works with young people to develop leadership skills has allowed me to be closer than most this year to the current social beliefs held about them. Along this journey it has astonished me to see the vast difference between the attitudes of the real, live people I have spoken to vs. the attitudes that the media claim to represent how ‘society’ in the UK feels.

The recent riots in the UK for me represented this dichotomy crystal clearly. As headlines reported ‘young thugs’ and bemoaned the broken state of society, we were simultaneously hearing multiple eyewitness accounts reporting that looting was being carried out primarily by adults. Our social networks came alive with young people renouncing the rioters behaviour and asking people not to blame these actions on the overall ‘disengagement of youth’.

Having spent the last couple of years working with young people across the world, I am seeing and feeling a very different energy starting to come through from them. True, many young people living in the more economically deprived areas of the UK have certainly ‘had enough’ but in the main they are looking for choices and opportunities to express their potential. They embrace different ways of thinking when it’s offered to them and they welcome the opportunity to do something new as opposed to just accepting the fate that their current situation gives them. Many young people are seeing the potential of thinking in new and innovative ways and are actively looking for opportunities to work and create differently in society.

So what is the brilliance that is being unleashed by the young? Take Sabirul Islam, dynamic and passionate teen-entrepreneur and visionary with a huge vision to inspire and transform the lives of 1 million young people in 20 countries in 12 months through engaging in entrepreneurial activities. His aim is to create a reality where people know and believe that no matter what the circumstances are, an ordinary individual can become an extraordinary individual.

Young brilliance is super connected, super creative and aligned. It is the pulse of aliveness that brings people together and sparks initiatives. It is collective in nature and has vibrant society effortlessly at the core of its being.


Jackie Thoms, co-creator of the Centre for Social Brilliance

The energy of people power is being demonstrated like never before across the planet with humanity waking up to our collective and collaborative power to change things. In Libya, Egypt and more recently the UK, we are seeing people expressing their hunger for social change and their need to express the potential that a new way of being and creating in communities holds for us. There are countless amazing projects, programmes and organisations popping up all over the world to create more vibrant, sustainable living and the Internet and social media are having a massive impact in opening up our communities and creating a medium for movement and change.

With this as the backdrop, there is a power in the voices of the young, a power and freshness that is shifting and shaping our communities, that is creating a rich weave in the fabric of our future society. Young entrepreneurs and leaders are stepping forwards from every part of the globe, creating amazing evolved businesses, projects and social movements.

To celebrate and bring this youth energy to the world, The Centre for Social Brilliance, Emergency Happiness and Cricket for Change are collaborating to create The Youth Brilliance Conference, Being Young, Playing Big. The conference will bring together many voices and expressions of this new youth energy so people from across the globe can experience and connect with its creative and collaborative potential.

We are gathering together inspiring young people like Adam Hall, an ex youth offender from East London, now Development Manager at Cricket for Change who transforms the lives of young people through cricket, unleashing their potential so they are shaping a vibrant and connected world that is the future young brilliance.

In the past we have chosen to allow social challenges like youth unemployment and disengagement to bog us down; however this paradigm is rapidly shifting to one where instead, we are witnessing many young people stepping up and using the current economic and social climate as an opportunity to do things differently, work in new ways and connect to their visions. Youth energy is something that people of all ages and cultures can embody and harness to connect to each other and the world in new and vibrant ways. It is truly an amazing time for society to be young and play big.

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