Having the courage to let your dreams come true

Having just got back from an amazing couple of weeks in Colorado, I have a new understanding of courage.

To put this in context: Colorado is my favorite place on the planet. To be honest, it is more than likely my favorite place in the entire universe or multiverse or whatever dimension it is that we all exist in. I was born there and spent my first six years of this lifetime running around wild and free in the Rocky Mountains. It was sunny almost everyday of my young life and I rarely had a care in the world. Roll forward to October 1984, my parents decide to move us all to Cambridge, England so that my father could do his PHD. Not a popular move in my book. We go from the glorious Colorado mountains with an average of 285 sunny days a year to the flat fenland environment of Cambridge where I would guess there are more like 5 sunny days a year. A bit unfair perhaps but I was only 6 and prone to exaggeration (I have since forgiven them for this move given all the amazing things that have happened in my life as a result but I have to be honest it took a long time to come to this expanded sense of awareness!).

So it has always been my dream to go back to Colorado and own a house in the mountains there. A dream that I have held on to my entire life and often been laughed at or scorned for by people who felt like I was living in a land of fantasy .

Now being the good self-development junkie that I am, I had started about a year ago playing a game of make believe. I had created a ‘vision board’ that included a fabulous house in Colorado. I had spent morning meditations imagining what it was going to be like waking up in the morning and making tea overlooking the fabulous view that I would have. So much so that I could even imagine the feeling of the wooden boards of my deck under my bare feet as I walked out in the morning sun.

Wind forwards to June 2011. I am given the opportunity to attend The Festival of Enlightenment in Estes Park, Colorado, supporting my good friend and mentor Art Giser, the developer of Energetic NLP. Obviously I jumped at the chance to go back ‘home’ and spend some time becoming more ‘enlightened’ there. Still going along with my game of make believe, I also decided to take it a step further and book some appointments to look at mountain land and houses.

6 pieces of land, 1 builder and 11 houses later and wouldn’t you know it, the last house we looked at both my partner and I fell in love with it. The price was good, the land is gorgeous, there was a deck just like I imagined and to top it all off, Elk wandering in the garden. My amazing partner turns to me and says ‘We can do this, what do you think’?

Now what do you think I said?



Nope, none of those things. My strange little head actually started coming up with all the reasons why we couldn’t / shouldn’t / mustn’t buy it.
I actually was so dumbfounded at myself to witness all of these objections coming up that I had to take 5 minutes alone and have words with myself.

Where was all this coming from? Why, when I was at the brink of realizing my one, all time childhood dream was I finding ways to talk myself out of doing this?

As I was sat there on the mountainside, something occurred to me.

Sometimes when we want something badly enough, we spend all of our time absorbed in the ‘wanting’ part and none of our time focused on how it will feel to actually ‘have it’.

Sometimes we can consciously want all the things and feelings in the world whilst unconsciously running patterns of belief that say ‘we don’t deserve these things’ or ‘if we have more, others will have less’ or my personal favorite ‘it is frivolous and greedy to have more than you need’.

Sometimes when the universe delivers a great gift to you, it takes courage, real courage to accept it and accept all the life changes that go along with it.

It occurred to me that courage was more than just bravery and determination in the face of adversity. Courage for me was accepting your dreams, believing that you are worthy of them and they are worthy of you. Accepting full on that you DESERVE to be happy, fulfilled and jumping for joy everyday of your life if you choose to be.

Courage was living up to being the best version of me that I could be and accepting the gifts and rewards that come along with that.

I have since had the courage to say ‘YES PLEASE’ to my house in Colorado. I have also had the deep gratitude to say ‘THANK YOU’ to myself everyday since then for deciding that my dreams were worth it.


2 Responses to “Having the courage to let your dreams come true”

  1. 1 John~Anthony July 13, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    I applaud your courage. Who are you to not enjoy some of the things that will make you feel happy? It is intention that takes us forward because when we show firm intent the energies of the universe help us. Intention works, entitlement doesn’t (I take it you didn’t throw any tantrums for your Colorado house!)

    Back in the 1980’s recession my wife and I lost our business and our home. We had three children and no home and no money and no jobs. It had been our intention to make enough money from our business (which was good but the bank pulled the rug) to buy our family a detached house in the country. The crash came and the bank took everything.

    Then what happened? I found a brilliant detached house in the green belt with fields and horses at the back, a forest around the corner and good schools up the road. I did a deal with the owner to rent it (that was rare in those days) and both my wife and I went out and got jobs. Our kids loved the house and we stayed there for 28 years having secured a protected tenancy. So we got our house in the country because we had worked really hard in our business with that intent. The recession was not of our making.

    Did we deserve it? I don’t think it’s about that, it’s about meaning what you say and working towards it, then the energies that power through our world will help you.

    Where do we live now? In a bungalow near the river Kennet in Berkshire (Catherine country!) and close to family – which is exactly what my wife and I visualized for ourselves about seventeen years ago when we started our counselling and spiritual awareness work which we ran until end 2008 in Essex. We were blessed by good intent.

  2. 2 emergencyhappiness July 14, 2011 at 7:03 am

    Wow what a beautiful story and thanks so much for sharing it. I do believe you are right. When we set intentions and then are willing to work in a co-creative partnership with the universe amazing things happen. I also believe that a key part of this is detachment from a specific outcome. I always trust that the universe has a far better imagination than I do and that if I keep true to my outcome then it will provide beautifully – much like you and your wife found when the house near the woods appeared.
    Happy creating!

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